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Welcome to Monkeys *R* Us where we raise adorable, sweet, hand fed, prespoiled Common, Penicillata, and Geoffrey Marmosets plus Cotton Top and Red Handed Tamarin Monkeys. Marmosets and Tamarins are one of the smallest monkeys in the world and can make amazing pets. As adorable as they are, they have very specific needs and care to make a desirable companion. To learn more, please read the information on our website. The more information you know about these monkeys the better experience you will have with your baby. We usually have hand raised babies available. Click on "Babies Available" to see the babies that we currently have for adoption. Then call Kathy at 615-631-9819 for more information on how to make the our baby your baby

You'll find more information below about Marmoset Monkeys. Please read the information on Marmoset Diet and review Frequently Asked Questions to be more informed.

Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) are New World monkeys. They originally lived in the rainforest of the Northeastern coast of Brazil. They are very small monkeys with relatively long tails. Males and females are of similar size. Their body being around 7-10 inches and weighing nearly 16 ounces. The fur of the marmoset is multicolored, being sprinkled with brown, grey, and yellow. Common marmosets have white ear tufts, while Penicillatas have black ear tufts and Geoffreys have a mostly white fur around their faces. A marmoset's face has black across the nose area and a white blaze on the forehead. The coats of infants lack ear tufts and have grey fur over their head and neck. Marmosets have claw-like nails on most of their fingers. Only their big toes have the flat nails. They can hang on to trees vertically and leap between them, as well as run across branches.

Their life spans are about 12 to 18 years, with maturity being about a year. The age of reproduction is a little over a year. They are usually pregnant for 144 days or around 5 months. They usually have 2 offspring but often 3.

Below are pictures of our 5 kinds of New World Monkeys that we raise here at Monkeys *R* Us. If you love the picture of the baby on the left, be sure you will love the adult pictured on the right.

They DO grow up!

Common White Tuft Marmoset

baby marmoset

adult marmoset

Common Marmosets are small New World monkeys that are mottled brown, grey, black and white with streaks of orange. They have distinctive large, beautiful, white ear tufts and a long banded tail. They have pale skin on their faces which darkens with exposure to the sun or UVB/UVA lights and a white heart blaze on their foreheads. Babies are born with a brown greyish coat and develop their white ear tufts and forehead blaze as they age. (See pictures for examples) Male and Females are about the same size with an 8 inch body and close to 1 pound. Their average life span is about 15 years or more.

Penicillata Black Tuft Marmoset

baby marmoset

Penicillata (black tuft) Marmosets are characterized by black tufts of hair around their ears. It typically has some sparse white hairs on its face. It usually has a black head and its limbs and upper body are gray, as well as its abdomen, while its rump and underside are usually black. Its tail is ringed with black and white. Penicillata Marmosets reach a size of 7 to 10 inches and weighs a close to a pound.

Geoffrey Marmoset

baby marmoset

adult marmoset

Geoffrey Marmosets are an exceptionally distinctive monkey, most readily recognized for its conspicuous white cheeks, forehead and throat, which contrast starkly against its elongate black ear-tufts, tan to black face, and dark coat. The body is greyish-black mottled with yellow-orange on the upper parts, brown on the underparts, and the long black tail is lightly ringed. Their life span is 15 years or longer. The Geoffrey Marmoset reaches a size of 7 inches and up. They can weigh close to a pound or more.

Cotton Top Tamarins

baby marmoset
adult marmoset

Cotton Top Tamarins are easily recognizable due to the mane of beautiful long white fur that flows over their head which comes to a Mohawk just about their eyes. The rest of their face is black skin with banding of white or grey above their eyes. These small tamarins have white bodies, arms, and legs with blackish backs. Their body is around 10 inches in length with tails another 12-16 inches. They weigh about 1 pound. In the wild, their lifespan may be as little as 13 years, while in captivity this can extend out to 23 years. Today Cotton Tops are classified critically endangered and one of the rarest primates in the world. The main reason for the severe decline in the Cotton Top Tamarin population is that they have lost more than 95% of their natural habitat to deforestation. It is estimated to be around 2,000 mature Cotton Tops left in the wild. For this reason, Cotton Tops must remain in the state they were born and can not be sold to another state.

Red Handed Tamarins

Red Handed Tamarins are new world monkeys meaning they are found in Central and South America. They are named for the reddish hair on their hands and feet, while the rest of their body is black with red underneath. It almost looks like they are wearing red gloves. They measure about 12 inches tall and weighing around a pound. Life expectancy is about 15 years or more in captivity. These tamarins are known to have a calm demeanor.